26 February 2019

  • Mountain communities stress the importance of biocultural heritage for golbal food security‚Äč

28 February 2019

  • Mountain indigenous peoples call for support for biocultural landscapes to achieve the SDGs

The International Network od Mountain Indigenous Peoples has called for support and legal protection for biocultural heritage landscapes and community conserved areas following an event in Peru

19 June 2017

  • Ethiopia's Coffe Farmers Are 'On The Front Lines Of Climate Chage'

Ethiopia gave the world Coffea arabica, the species that produces most of the coffee we drink these days. Today, the country is the largest African producer of Arabica coffee. The crop is the backbone of the country’s economy – some 15 million Ethiopians depend on it for a living.

28 June 2017

  • Ministry of Environment, FAO sign agreement for sustainable management of wetland resources

The Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI) on Tuesday, signed a Technical Cooperation Project (TCP) agreement with the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) for enhancing the sustainable management of wetland resources.

28 June 2017

  • Protect Sacred Sites to Realize Indigenous Rights

From North and South Dakota to the Highlands of Ethiopia, the sacred natural sites and territories of indigenous Peoples face the threat of destruction; destruction that is often legitimized and legalized by state and regional institutions. But on the African continent, there are hopeful sings things are beginning to move down a different path.

28 June 2017

  • Media Workshop On Climare Change In The Himalayas

A media workshop on climate change reporting will be conducted from june 18 to 30 by the Indian Himalayas Climate Adaptation Programme (IHCAP) of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Department of science and Technology and Centre for Media Studies.

28 June 2017

  • Indigenous knowledge crucial to tackling climate change, experts say

Traditional skills and knowledge should be seen ad a complement, not a barrier, to scientific knowledge and climate adaptation efforts, experts said at a conference on how communities adapt to climate change held this week in the ugandan capital kampala.